Honda Says The New Prelude Won’t Be The ‘Sportiest, Zippiest Car’

It was a surprise to everyone when Honda brought back the Prelude for the Japan Mobility Show, which took place in Tokyo from late October to early November. After a business representative clarified, the sports coupe—which was initially thought to be entirely electric—turned out to be a hybrid. Since the design was unveiled, not much has been said, but Tomoyuki Yamagami, Honda’s head engineer, has provided some interesting details to the Australian publication CarsGuide.


Even though the car’s official designation was Prelude Concept, he described to it as a prototype when it was displayed at JMS 2023. It’s a clear sign that we are dealing with something more than a concept car, which is typically the case with cars shown at auto shows. Indeed, Yamagami disclosed the car is currently being developed and that the target is to have it on sale “sometime in the mid-2020s.”

Honda Prelude Concept

He continued by saying that because it is designed for both left- and right-hand drive regions, it will be a worldwide model. While he declined to discuss specifics regarding the enigmatic hybrid drivetrain, Yamagami hinted that it won’t be a track-focused sports vehicle, saying, “This isn’t going to be the sportiest, zippiest car that’s going to be tossed into the circuits.”


The next production model, he clarified, will serve as a “prelude for all of the electric vehicles that Honda is going to be launching.” He confirmed a sensible four-seat arrangement, however based on the steeply sloping roofline, it will probably be closer to a two+2.

The choice to resurrect a cherished name is similar to Acura’s decision to the Integra in 2022 as a posh Civic Type R. Although currently dormant, the NSX has already been confirmed for a return with a fully electric third generation, with the Performance Electric Vision Concept possibly serving as a preview.



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