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2025 Volkswagen Golf Sketches Hint At Imminent Arrival

Volkswagen has released the 2025 Golf and Golf GTI’s highly detailed design concepts, while Russia wants to revive the Volga.


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VW shocked everyone earlier this month by introducing the 2025 Golf at CES in Las Vegas. The Wolfsburg people did reveal the interior of the hot hatch, which included an enormous screen mounted on the dashboard, despite the vehicle being carefully covered. With the German company having just released exclusive sketches, the global premiere is probably just around the corner.


These are teasers of the standard Golf that Volkswagen’s Head of Design, Andreas Mindt, posted on Instagram. Meanwhile, a brief video that the carmaker posted to YouTube provides us with an official look at the GTI. Regardless if we’re talking about the standard model or the hot hatch, “evolutionary” is the best word to describe the car’s exterior. It’s safe to say VW won’t rock the boat with the compact car’s appearance.

2025 Volkswagen Golf 

When it debuts in the next few days, the not-for-America standard Golf is expected to keep the manual gearbox. However, the GTI will be available globally only with the DSG. The all-wheel-drive R is also likely to forgo the clutch pedal. This will be the final update for the mighty Golf in the internal combustion engine era.

Coming near the end of the decade, the ninth-generation model will be sold exclusively as an electric car on the VW Group’s Scalable Systems Platform architecture. It’s going to be built at home in Wolfsburg alongside other SSP-based vehicles.


After bringing back Moskvich in late 2022 to sell rebadged Chinese cars in Russia, local authorities are reviving another long-defunct Soviet brand. A report from Wards Auto claims the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov has confirmed the return of Volga, which was active between 1956 until 2010.

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The plan is to team up with another automaker to speed up development. However, Volga’s parent company GAZ Group has apparently failed to find a partner. That’s hardly a surprise seeing as how most important companies have left Russia following the start of the war in Ukraine. The objective is to make Volga a premium brand but Russian analysts are concerned that working with Chinese automakers will hamper the car’s proposed upmarket image.

Nevertheless, the first modern-day Volga could be officially launched as early as this summer with a price tag of $28,000 and is going to be used by Russian officials.


In related news, Russia’s AvtoVAZ is planning to roll out a new brand to sell models in the compact, midsize, and fullsize segments. It’s unclear whether these will be based on existing Chinese cars or are going to be underpinned by a new platform engineered by the country’s Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute (NAMI).


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