Hyundai’s Latest EV Aero Gimmick Adds 4 Miles Of Range

The Active Air Skirt is a new smart technology that Hyundai and Kia have unveiled in an effort to improve the economy of their electric vehicles. By reducing aerodynamic resistance when traveling at high speeds, this ground-breaking solution extends the operating range and stabilizes battery-powered vehicles.


Through variable modifications that correlate to the vehicle’s speed during high-speed driving, AAS successfully manages turbulence formed around the wheels of the vehicle by controlling the airflow coming through the bottom part of the bumper. Located in the space between the front bumper and the front wheels, the system is hidden when traveling at normal speed but activates when the vehicle reaches 50 mph or more and rolling resistance is greater than aerodynamic resistance. At about 43 mph, the system returns to its stowed state strategically avoiding frequent operation within specific speed ranges.

Hyundai / Kia Active Air Skirt

AAS selectively covers only the front part of the tires rather than completely concealing the entire front. This tailored approach, the South Korean automakers explain, proves more effective in enhancing aerodynamic performance, especially given the flat platform floor of the E-GMP platform. Additionally, this partial coverage contributes to increased downforce, enhancing vehicle traction and high-speed stability.


Amazingly, the use of rubber material on the lower portion allows AAS to function even at speeds higher than 124 mph. This substance guarantees the system’s longevity while lowering the possibility of outside items damaging the vehicle while it is being driven at a high speed.

Tests performed by Hyundai and Kia have already shown that adding AAS to the Genesis GV60 reduces drag coefficient (Cd) by 0.008, or 2.8 percent of drag improvement. It is projected that this modification will result in an extra 3.7 miles of range increase.



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