Jeep Deleted These Wagoneer S Photos It Accidentally Posted

It was just last week ago when Jeep teased the Wagoneer S but now the electric SUV bares it all in official images. What gives? The person handling the automaker’s social media accounts made a faux pas by accidentally posting photos of the first US-bound EV. These were taken down not long after, but someone acted fast and downloaded the images before vanishing from Facebook.


The folks from Mopar Insiders got a hold of these photos depicting the Wagoneer S from one of their readers, showing the electric SUV in production guise. It appears to be a spitting image of the namesake concept from 2022 and dare we say it sends a strong Range Rover Velar vibe. In case you don’t remember the concept, we’ve attached a photo gallery at the bottom of the article.

Jeep intends to sell the Wagoneer S only as an electric vehicle, with the US to get the posh zero-emission SUV this fall. It won’t be exclusive to North America since other markets are getting this fifth Wagoneer flavor. In the US, it’ll sit alongside the gas-powered Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, both of which are optionally offered with a longer wheelbase.


The 2025 Wagoneer S will be sold with all-wheel drive as standard, meaning it’s going to have a pair of electric motors. With a confirmed combined output of 600 horsepower and what we can assume will be copious amounts of instant torque, the silent SUV will hit 60 mph from a standstill in just three and a half seconds.

A few days ago, Jeep’s parent company Stellantis disclosed comprehensive details of its new STLA Large Platform. Logic tells us that the Wagoneer S is going to use this architecture, especially since the automotive conglomerate claims the first models are due to be rolled out in 2024. In fact, it explicitly says Jeep and Dodge will lead the way and these initial models will be launched in North America first. Eight EVs across five brands are scheduled to hit the market by 2026.

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The 400- and 800-volt variations of STLA Large have been engineered, with battery packs ranging in capacity from 85 to 118 kWh. While sedans can reach a range of up to 500 miles (800 kilometers), SUVs are heavier by nature, thus the Wagoneer S’s economy is probably going to be lower. The vehicles supported by this platform will have the following dimensions: 187.6 – 201.8 inches (4764 – 5126 millimeters) in length, 74.7 – 79.9 in (1897 – 2030 mm) in width, and 113 – 121.1 inches (2870 – 3075 mm) in wheelbase.


Anticipate an even faster electric SUV from Jeep, as Stellantis promises improved “propulsion system performance” with over-the-air updates. Despite the Wagoneer S’s EV-only configuration, the STLA Large platform—which is meant for vehicles in the D and E segments—is going to support combustion engines and hybrid powertrains.


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