The Mazda6 Is Dead In Japan

With regret, Mazda has ended production of its midsize sedan in Japan. Production of the aged 6 is scheduled to cease in mid-April, and it is being discontinued in its home market. You still have time to place an order if you act quickly. There have been 226,437 sales of the Atenza/6 since its inception 22 years ago.


The present model of the six sedan/wagon combination was getting on in age, having been around since 2012. The car’s exit from the US and UK markets in 2021 and 2023, respectively, is followed by its retirement from the Japanese market.

Just as disappointing is what Mazda intends to do to fill the void left by the 6’s demise – which is nothing. The succinct press release talking about the car’s exit from Japan speaks of how the CX lineup of crossovers will take over the role. Those of us who still enjoy the good ol’ sedans and wagons would definitely want a direct replacement. It’s especially true considering the Mazda3 is too small and isn’t offered as a more practical wagon.


In early 2022, Mazda ruled out a next-generation 6 on its new rear-wheel-drive platform. However, that didn’t stop Japanese magazines from speculating about a potential fourth-gen model. Best Car said last year the Zoom-Zoom company may have had a change of heart after the positive feedback received for the CX-60 and CX-90. The journalists went as far as to claim a RWD-based 6 had been green-lighted for production.

However, the tone of Mazda’s latest press release indicates otherwise. Meanwhile, it’s worth noting the 6 isn’t dead for good since the car remains in production at factories outside of Japan. However, with assembly ending in the Land of the Rising Sun, it means the vehicle will likely be retired from many international markets that got the Japan-built version.



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