This Defender Convertible Fills A Gap In Land Rover’s Lineup

The 90, 110, and bigger 110 are the only Defender models available today that were offered in several flavors when the original Defender was introduced. Not only is there no pickup truck in the lineup, but Land Rover has decided not to make another convertible. Good news for those looking for thrilling open-air experiences: the roof of the off-roader has been removed by Dutch coachbuilder Heritage Customs.


The Valiance Convertible, which is based on the Defender 90, has a Sunbeam Yellow body and a folding fabric top that contrast. This is the company’s second conversion; the first was a different model that was unveiled with gorgeous white steel wheels about a year ago. Larger two-tone alloys, including an extra one affixed to the fifth door, are prominent features of the most recent version.

Defender Convertible by Heritage Customs

Heritage Customs went beyond simply removing the fixed hardtop to make way for an electrically folding roof; they also added a full roll cage for extra strength and safety. The cabin received a makeover with yellow stitching to complement the vivid exterior. The coachbuilder enhanced the seats with black quilted leather upholstery. Moreover, the dashboard is adorned with 3D inlays made from etched aluminum. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that this Defender 90 features the optional central front seat.


Defender Valiance Convertibles are not always available from Heritage Customs. These made-to-order cars start at €82,500 (almost $90,000), plus the donor car and all applicable taxes, and take at least three months to finish. The coachbuilder plans to unveil another Valiance Convertible model shortly after increasing production.

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SUV convertibles are extremely rare in 2024, but we will soon be able to cross one off the list. Volkswagen has declared that the T-Roc Convertible will be discontinued after the first generation runs out of fuel.

Some may recall that Land Rover offered another cabrio-SUV hybrid in addition to the original Defender. We are discussing the brief existence of the Evoque Convertible.



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